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Event Operations Specialist (Includes Housing)

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Based in Lowell MA, with travel in MA, NH, and RI - Lowell, MA, United States

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Overview of an Event Operations Specialist
• A Spectacle Live Event Operations Specialist (EOS) is hired for an initial 6-month term. An EOS may have the opportunity to extend their employment as an EOS for up to 12 months if mutually agreeable.
• Housing is provided for an EOS’s in an apartment in Lowell, MA. The apartment is fully furnished. This apartment will house up to 2 other Spectacle Live EOS’s. Each EOS has their own bedroom but shares bathroom and general living space with other EOS team members. In addition to providing the apartment, Spectacle Live also pays for the apartment’s utilities.
• In addition to housing at the EOS apartment, an EOS is provided a salary of $32,000/year plus a $2,000 bonus at the completion of their initial 6-month term.
• An EOS must have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable driving large vans.
• An EOS is not a desk job… it is an active, physical position that requires a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to work long event days.
• An EOS will travel frequently to Spectacle Live’s event destinations throughout New England (details on locations below).

The position of a Spectacle Live Event Operations Specialist has evolved over the years. But the fundamentals have always been consistent, in that the role provides vital support to all of our events in all of the venues in which we are event and facility producers and managers. Live events are never the same twice… each one requires a unique set up, staffing, management, and operation. And it is the role of EOS that allows us to adapt to each event’s needs and produce events at a high volume and high quality.

Typically, each event has an Event Manager as the “lead operator” for the event, and an EOS is assigned to an Event Manager to help with the execution of an event. The event manager is ultimately responsible for coordinating the advance logistics, staffing, and other needs of an event. And an EOS assists the event manager in a wide variety of ways.

For example, an Event Manager may be “advancing” a concert at Plymouth Memorial Hall and be finding out what the artist’s needs are from everything from tour bus parking to hotels, to “runners,” backstage catering, and every other imaginable detail of the day. The event manager also schedules usher and security staff, box office staff, food and beverage staff, and makes sure all of the necessary equipment and inventory is on-site for the event.

Once the event manager has advanced the event, the Event Manager and EOS will work together on the day pf the event in order to execute everything that is needed to be accomplished. An EOS may be driving the van to pick up artists at their hotels, setting up bars/concessions areas, loading/unloading equipment, setting up chairs, assisting the box office with “will call,” assisting with backstage artist hospitality, or any other function that needs to be done in order to make the event day a success.

The “pairing” of an Event Manager and Event Operations Specialist for an event is a key piece of what enables Spectacle Live to execute events at a high level and give patrons, artists, and clients a first-class experience.
In addition to being paired with Event Managers, an EOS may also be paired with a Spectacle Live Facility Manager or Production Manager to help our facilities team or production team accomplish event set-ups, load-ins, or logistics. It is never the same day twice for an EOS, which keeps things interesting.

Additional Details on the EOS Role

The position of Event Operations Specialist is designed to an opportunity for an individual who is interested in quickly building significant experience in “front line” event management, facility management, and production. The EOS position is contracted for an initial six-month engagement period and has the potential to be extended to be up to a 12-month period.
After a 6-month tenure as an EOS, an individual will have a comprehensive understanding of all that goes into producing a live event and managing live event venues.

History of Spectacle Live

Spectacle Live was founded in 2013 as a concert promotion company, based in Greater Boston. Initially, Spectacle Live promoted concerts and theatrical productions in smaller venues. As time went on and the company grew, Spectacle expanded into promoting larger shows, festivals, sporting events, and also began managing venues.

As Spectacle Live nears its 10-year anniversary, we have grown to be involved in 10 venues across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We have varying relationships and responsibilities with each venue, depending on the needs of each venue. An overview is as follows (from north to south):

Flying Monkey Performance Center, Plymouth NH (450 capacity) – We provide booking services for the Flying Monkey. It is the newest venue in the Spectacle Live portfolio.

Colonial Theatre, Laconia NH (750 capacity) – We fully manage the Colonial Theatre, providing all aspects of facility management, in-house promoting, ticketing, marketing, production, and food and beverage services.

Nashua Center for the Arts, Nashua NH (750 capacity) – The NCA is scheduled to open in April 2023. Spectacle Live will fully manage the NCA (all facility management, booking, marketing, promoting, ticketing, food and beverage, production, etc)

Shalin Liu Performance Center/Rockport Music, Rockport MA (330 capacity) – Spectacle Live provides booking services for this oceanfront venue.

Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell MA (2800 capacity) – The LMA is our largest and “flagship” venue and offers a hub of operations for many Spectacle Live functions.

Boarding House Park/Lowell Summer Music Series, Lowell MA (1800 capacity) – This outdoor summer amphitheater is on the grounds of the Lowell Historical National Park. Spectacle Live provides booking , marketing, and ticketing services for this 16-show summer series.

Cary Hall Lexington, Lexington MA (840 capacity) – Spectacle Live produces 20-25 performances per year in this venue. We do not provide facility management services, but do provide all the booking, marketing, ticketing, staffing, food and beverage, and production services for our performances at this venue.

Hanover Theatre, Worcester MA (2300 capacity) – Spectacle Live provides non-exclusive booking services to this venue, booking 10-12 performances per year.

Memorial Hall, Plymouth MA (1300 capacity) - Spectacle Live produces 25-30 performances per year in this venue. We do not provide facility management services, but do provide all the booking, marketing, ticketing, staffing, food and beverage, and production services for our performances at this venue.

Jane Pickens Theater, Newport RI - Spectacle Live produces 20-25 performances per year in this venue. We do not provide facility management services, but do provide all of the booking, marketing, ticketing, staffing, food and beverage, and production services for our performances at this venue.

The position of EOS is involved in the operations, production, and facility management of the venues in which we produce shows (Colonial Theatre of Laconia, Nashua Center for the Arts, Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Boarding House Park, Cary Memorial Hall, Plymouth Memorial Hall, and Jane Pickens Theater), and is not involved with those venues for which we just provide booking services (Flying Monkey, Shalin Liu Performance Center, and Hanover Theatre).

Job Requirements

Candidates for the Event Operations Specialist must possess a positive attitude, strong work ethic, willingness to do whatever it takes to make an event a success. The live events business is not a traditional work schedule, requiring work on nights and weekends. A candidate must also possess a valid driver's license, and be willing and able to engage in the physical work of event set ups and breakdowns at all of our venues.

How To Apply

Those interested in applying to Spectacle Live should email a statement of interest and/or a resume to Pete Lally at plally@spectaclelive.com
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Contact Information

Contact Peter Lally
Spectacle Live
50 E Merrimack St
Lowell, MA, United States 01852
Phone 617-531-1257
Fax 617-531-1257
Email plally@spectaclelive.com
Website www.spectaclelive.com


January 1, 2023

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